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Grenfell Public Inquiry

Posted on: 19th June 2018

Release of expert reports is nothing surprising.

The public release of the first expert reports from the Grenfell public inquiry can be found here:

They are:

Professor Luke Bisby – ignition of façade materials

Dr Barbara Lane – fire protection measures within the building and extent to which they failed#

Professor Jose Torero – fire spread throughout the building

Colin Todd – statutory and regulatory requirements in force over the lifetime of Grenfell Tower

Together the reports are extremely detailed and provide excellent reference to what happened that fateful evening.

Unfortunately, the material contained does not provide any surprises to what was suspected to be the combined causes from the 2016 refurbishment, namely flammable and poorly installed cladding, poorly fitted windows and compromised internal compartmentation together with a general lack of maintenance.

It will be interesting to see whether further evidence outlines the current Approved Document B, which has not been altered since the event (and therefore would still allow PE cladding above 18 metres!) and the lack of use of Regulation 38 which is a major contributory factor in the sign off of the tower block.

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